Welcome to Cleft India!

The Initiative

Cleft India is a consortium of implementing and supporting partners of international and Indian non-profits, corporations, hospitals and medical practitioners.

The goal is to provide free comprehensive treatment to all needy persons in India afflicted by cleft lip and palate, a common birth defect. The consortium has set out on a journey to impact 100,000 beneficiaries and care givers over the next three years in terms of direct medical aid, surgery, ancillary care, capacity building, awareness and outreach and so on under various programmes.

The Initiators

Cleft India was initiated in January 2020 by ABMSS, India; Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe, Germany; Persistent Foundation, India and Transforming Faces, Canada. Each partner comes in with a extensive experience in cleft care and a committed support.


Cleft India is coordinated by ABMSS which administers and implements the project at the ground level.


Cleft India has its footprints and regular activity at 34 Cleft Centers across the country.

Our Supporters & Partners