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Cleft in India: How we help

The aim of our projects is to enable a sustainable, comprehensive treatment of cleft children combining high-quality surgery of the cleft deformation with an interdisciplinary treatment of the children. Children that have received specialist surgery and the correct aftercare can then eat, drink and talk properly. But much more than that, they also for the first time have a real chance for full participation: in social life, with playmates and through a school education. Our vision is to give every child born with cleft a second start in life.

Raising awareness

Cleft patients suffer considerable functional impairments and often are shunned due to superstitions about cleft. Reaching out to medically underserved communities to make untreated cleft patients aware of the free treatment available through us, and also to fight the common superstitions about people with cleft therefore is an important part of our work. We do this via means such as school outreach and poster campaigns.

Free high-quality cleft surgery

Surgery, performed to the highest medical standard, is the cornerstone of the cleft treatment process. All our surgeons are experienced specialists in relevant fields. In addition, we provide and finance specialized cleft treatment training for our surgeons to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients.

Comprehensive cleft care

Cleft care does not stop with the surgery. The patients often require treatments such as orthodontic care to complete the physical repair of the cleft, or speech therapy, to learn how to make sounds that they had not been able to pronounce due to their cleft lip and / or palate. We call the sum of these treatments "comprehensive cleft care". Thanks to our donors we can provide more and more of the full spectrum of necessary treatments to more and more needy patients.