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Nutrition and vitamin deficiency

As a supplement to our cleft program, vitamin supplement program has been added as it is believed that lack of folic acid in pregnant mothers is one of the causes of clefting. Hence, we try to solve this by supporting some young women with vitamin and mineral supplements.

Stunting is an internationally accepted indicator to denote the nutritional status of a geography. Recent evidence clearly suggests that stunting takes place in the first two years of a child’s birth. It is irreversible.

A pilot project was undertaken under the support of Robert Bosch Stiftung and Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe eV to support a few young women in the Andhra Pradesh region surrounding Visakhapatnam.The right nutrition during this 2 year period can have a profound impact on a child’s brain development, immune system, ability to grow, learn, and rise out of poverty. It can also shape a society’s prosperity.