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Improving cleft treatment

To continuously improve not only the availability, but also the quality of the cleft treatment and therefore guarantee the best outcomes for our patients, the Cleft India partners are pursuing several projects.

Skill Drill

One core component of our effort is skilling all professionals involved in our effort for continuous improvement in the quality of care. This includes simulation and shadow training for cleft surgery, a fellowship in cleft care for interested surgeons, an annual skill share workshop for our partner surgeons where they can exchange their experiences and share their skills, as well as an annual hands on workshop for our other important specialists such as speech therapists; orthodontists, and outreach workers.

Safety in the OT

All surgery inherently carries some degree of risk. To guarantee the safest possible procedure, our Safety inside the OT (operation theatre) program provides equipment grants to our cleft centres, supplying vital material such as anaesthesia workstations, support for sevoflurane, intubation fiberoscopes, and advanced pulsoximeters for the recovery rooms, as well as education and training for our nurses.


Under the program name ClefTech the Cleft India partners pursue innovations in medtech areas relevant to the treatment of cleft. All efforts remain mindful of the necessity to keep costs minimal. Projects include Rapid NAM, an effort to improve the nasoalveolar molding technique used prior to the cleft surgery, a low-cost device for ear reconstruction, and a surgical simulator to aid in the training of surgeons.